migrant worker smiling at camera while at farm

Juan Carlos, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Juan Carlos and I come from the State of Guanajuato. My reason to be here, to come here to Canada, is for the welfare of my family, to help them and to give my children a good future.

I have come for 14 years. My job here at the farm is to pick and package the product.  Once I am finished packaging, I also do maintenance, repair the vehicles, and so on.

At first, my family was sad because I come here, but the days pass and we know that I have to go out to seek a better life for the children, for my wife, for our parents who we also help when we can. There are low times, there are good times and more than anything you have to give it all to get ahead.

I like the people here. They are nice.  I am grateful to Canada, for the opportunity it gives to many people like in Mexico, Central America and many countries. Unfortunately, in our countries, there aren’t the opportunities like the ones Canada offers and I thank the people and the employers who give us this opportunity to come to work here.

Juan Carlos, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico, working at DC Farms