male migrant worker holds phone while smiling for camera

Jorge Mario, Temporary Foreign Worker from Guatemala

I came here for the first time in 2012. I had heard a lot about this program. I met a friend and we talked about the program. He told me that he wasn’t going to travel anymore and if I wanted the opportunity, he would give it to me. He brought me to the office and there, I had to talk about why I wanted to travel. Before I started my family, I worked in agriculture. After I got married, I worked in construction.

For our family, the main reason for me to come here was because my son (now aged 15) had been born with special needs and it was a very big expense. I could no longer cover the expenses for his medical exams and needs. We now have five children – ages 18 to 3. Two daughters and three sons.

At home, we have a shop that my wife runs.  She spends her time there. It is a small shop for everyday things. Back in our country, we just earn enough money for food and to live day by day. By coming here, we are able to make it – like buying a piece of land, buying a house and other things so that my family can be better.

I really appreciate being here, in this place, although at first it was difficult because one is not used to leaving one’s family for a long time. I feel good because they treat me well. We all get along very well and that’s the important thing.