male migrant worker smiling for camera

Jaime, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

Coming to Canada to work within the program meant for me the realization of many dreams that I saw would be very difficult in Mexico. Like building my house – which is now finished. I have two children in college which also generates heavy expenses in Mexico. It is a great financial piece of mind. My children’s dream is to become professionals and mine is to have economic freedom as the years go by.

I also have a beautiful 8-yr-old daughter and my wife back home. I talk to them every day. They are waiting for me to come home with eagerness. The goodbye in the spring is the hardest. I come for approximately 234 days and every day is important. I do a job here that I like and that makes my life easier. It is harvesting time now and the days go by very fast.

I use my free time to talk with my family through WhatsApp, by video calls.  I talk to them every day and constantly for any food recipes that I want to cook and I do not know how.  They help me and motivate me.  That is actually my biggest hobby, talking to them.

What I like most about Canada is its people.  They are honest people.  I see a lot of human warmth in them.  I have worked in another country, but people here seem sincere to me.  When people in Canada smile at you, it is a sincere smile.  You can see the affection in their eyes.  Mainly that, I would say the weather is a bit drastic for us, but you learn to like the winter.  Above all it is the people, the warmth you feel here.  You feel at home.