migrant worker, smiling for the camera in front of farm

Gervacio E., Guest worker at Nature Fresh Farms

Gervacio E. has been a Guest Worker at Nature Fresh Farms for the last 6 years, returning each year to help provide for his family and neighbors back home in Guatemala. From a humble family, Gervacio decided to come to Canada to provide a better quality of life for himself and his loved ones. As a harvester of corn and coffee in Guatemala, Gervacio decided to use these skills by getting involved with Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Overcoming the challenges his family and neighbors face in Guatemala is one of the most important reasons why Gervacio decided to come to Canada: “My parents didn’t have much, and where I’m from, many people do not have a lot of money. I want to help my family and neighbors overcome their situations by giving them some of the money I make here in Canada to build better housing. It comes from the bottom of my heart when I give back to those people.”

Gervacio sees Nature Fresh Farms as providing him a hand of support, and that he passes on that support when he gives back to his family and neighbors in Guatemala: “I have found an opportunity here that not a lot of people get back home. I’m very thankful for this opportunity to make a better living and I’m trying to make the most of it so I can help people as much as possible.”

As a lover of music, Gervacio always dreamed of going to school to become a music teacher. While that opportunity was not available to him in Guatemala, he still celebrates music by playing the organ at church here in Canada. Gervacio also enjoys cooking, playing soccer, and riding his bike in his free time.

As one of our Guest Workers, Gervacio always tries his best to get his crop maintenance work done on time and in the best way possible. He believes he must set a good example for his fellow Workers so everyone can work hard. Gervacio is one of our #GrowToPeople!