Female migrant worker Felena Pereira crouches in apple orchard

Felena, Farm Worker from Trinidad and Tobago

I’ve been coming to Canada from Trinidad since 2013.  I saw an advertisement looking for farm workers and applied. Usually, I arrive in April but last year it was July 6 before I got here because borders were closed due to Covid.

Back home, I have two children – a girl age 16 and a boy age 13. They live with my mother when I’m here. I miss them a lot. I wasn’t able to get home after last year’s season because there were no flights going back to Trinidad. In July, it’ll have been a year since I saw my kids.

I hope someday to immigrate here with my family. That’s my intention. I want my kids to grow up to have the opportunity to do anything they want to do. That’s why I’m here.

Christmas in Trinidad is really festive so we tried to make it the same here. My housemates and I got a tree and decorated it with donated Christmas decorations. People in the community heard our story and donated presents and winter clothes for us and some even brought traditional Trinidadian groceries so that we could have a good Christmas. It’s been fun to see all the snow and to try some Canadian activities like ice fishing.