migrant worker crouching in a farm field, smiling for the camera

Facundo, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico

This was the first farm I came to in Canada five years ago and it’ll be the last one too. It’s really good working here. They have machines to help with everything which makes the work easier for us.

A friend of mine first came as a Seasonal Agriculture Worker and told me about the program. Back home, I farmed sugar cane. It’s hard to get a permit but I was one of the lucky ones to get into this program.

By coming here, I can get what my kids need. They’re ages nine and 11. I come here for a few months to work and then go back to spend time with them.

It was different during Covid. We had to go through a quarantine period before we could work but Nicki (one of the farmers) helped us with everything and helped us to be safe. It’s not quite normal now but it feels safe. We’re also vaccinated now which is great.

For fun, I like playing soccer with the guys here and hanging out with all of them.