migrant worker holding basket of fruit smiling for the camera

Cordia, Seasonal Agricultural Worker, working on fruit farm

I’m 36 years old and have been coming to Canada for six years. I’ve worked on three different farms as a Seasonal Agricultural Worker. I’ve been on this peach farm for two years.

Back home, I have three children –ages 16, 13 and 4. Yesterday was my four year old’s birthday and I wasn’t home for the celebration. Missing those events is always hard but I have help from my family back home and video chats help. My mom is amazing. She’s such a nice lady. My mom is a farmer so that’s what I do when I’m home. We grow crops like potatoes, yams and carrots.

I don’t mind hard work and I like it here. It’s good, honest work growing food. For fun, I love to dance, sing and read my Bible