migrant worker posing for camera, while standing in front of farm

Carlos M., Guest worker at Nature Fresh Farms

“I see a lot of potential to grow at Nature Fresh Farms.”

Originally from Honduras, Carlos M. came from a big family that also worked in agriculture. When Carlos was living full-time in Honduras, he worked as an electrician, went to school for forestry, and grew his own food. Carlos came to Canada from 2011 to 2013 as part of the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program before returning to Honduras. In 2019, Carlos came back to Canada and joined our team as a Guest Worker!

For Carlos, life in Honduras was hard, but he and his wife have big hopes for their future: “My wife is a very hardworking woman, so if we want to do something together back home, I think we would do something in agriculture to help our family. But if there are bigger opportunities for me in Canada, I would love to keep growing in this company and bring my wife and child here.”

Carlos really appreciates the opportunity that Nature Fresh Farms has given him to work at the farm and learn new things: “I’m thankful to God and to Nature Fresh Farms for giving me the opportunity to be here. I can give my family a better life, and I can observe and learn every day.”

In his free time, Carlos enjoys talking with his family back home, going for bike rides, cooking, and completing different carpentry projects.

Carlos spends each of his workdays completing a range of crop maintenance tasks. For Carlos, it’s also important that he respects his fellow General Laborers and their Supervisors, and that he gives 100% in everything he does while on the job. Carlos is one of our #GrowToPeople!