male migrant worker smiling for the camera while holding carrots

Baldeo, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Trinidad and Tobago

My name is Baldeo and I’ve been coming to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago for 21 years. I’ve been on this vegetable farm for about 12 years. I arrive the first week of April and leave the first week of December.

I had some friends from Trinidad working in the farm program. I had done all types of agricultural work back home and I wanted the opportunity to travel and a way of upgrading myself. When I was back in school, my teacher would say “try and uplift yourself and here I am still.”

I do a little bit of everything. At different times of the year, we have different jobs – planting, picking stones, harvesting, driving equipment. I really love my job.

What do I like about Canada? From the places I’ve been, I like everything. The people are nice. The agriculture is great. I like it because I get to learn more stuff – new things, new horizons. I get to try different equipment and new technology.

When I’m home, I work six days a week for a guy who raises honey bees. I’ve been working for him since I was young. I work with the bees and help with the construction of hives. I like sports and I really love fishing.