male migrant worker stands in front of tractor

Alexander, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

I’ve been coming to Canada for six seasons. I decided to come here because it is an extra option for work.  In our country there is a lot of unemployment and salaries are bad.  Over there, there is not enough money to get a house and to pay for your children’s education.  To have a better life, more than anything, that is why I come here. I have a wife and a five year old son who has just started school. I talk to them every day and they are my reason to exist. In my spare time, I talk to my family and that is my motivation.

I feel happy here in Canada.  It is a little difficult because we are away from our family but it is necessary to work and have a stable economy, everything is all right.

On this vegetable farm, we do a little bit of everything. We work with forklifts; we work in the field and we also make boxes.  Sometimes they even send us to perform construction.  A little bit of everything.